// GTM Containers


An exhibition catalog and editorial hallucination of the three year “fashion” collaboration of the same title between Bjarne Melgaard, Babak Radboy and a list of collaborators from fashion designers to poodle groomers with nothing in common perhaps, except their exile, malcontent or complete irrelevance to fashion.
The size of a vinyl LP, the magazine takes the form of a boxed set, with each project individually bound within.
Projects include:
★ Exiled fashion designer Miguel Adrover documents a 12 year project in which he worked as a prostitute in Cuba as a form of solidarity and fidelity to a group of sex workers he befriended there.
★ A series of unreleased photographs by Anders Edstrom entitled “things I see when I walk my dog” — documents things he has seen while walking his dog over a span of five years.
★ Melgaard’s imaginary (and unauthorized) collaboration between cult publishers semiotext(e) and cult street-wear line Supreme is photographed by Steven Klein on Jeremy Meeks — the ex-felon who became a sex symbol after his mugshot from the Stockton Police Department went viral.
★ Unpublished photos documenting a twelve year period in which (exiled) fashion designer Miguel Adrover traveled to Cuba where he prostituted himself as a form of solidarity with the friends he had made there [Miguel Adrover, Prostitute].
★ Fashion Editorial featuring couture pieces and miniature versions of the MELGAARD Collection on 21 Korean Sex Dolls [Robert Kulisek, "Sugar Amnesia"]
★ Pornographic Look Book for the MELGAARD streetwear collection [Marcelo Krasilcic].
★ Photo Novella of boho-fascist single-white-female in farting contest with satan. [Heji Shin, Fart Zur Hölle]
★ Editorial featuring fine jewelry collaboration with Bjørg shot on teacup piglets. [Asger Carlsen, Bjorg]
★ Collaboration with Oklahoma-based competitive poodle groomers Grateful Groomin’ [Jason Nocito, Dogs are the Best]
★ Essay and accompanying lending library towards alternative forms of ambition, curated by Chris Kraus and Hedi El Kholti [reading list includes: Pig Earth (John Berger); Three-Month Fever: The Andrew Cunanan Story (Gary Indiana); I Love Dick (Chris Kraus); Coma (Pierre Guyotat); Cool For You (Eileen Myles); Nobody is Ever Missing (Catherine Lacey); Diary of an Innocent (Tony Duvert) et al. 
★ Portrait of fuckable-felon and internet meme Jeremy Meeks in MELGAARD Collection [Meeks, Steven Klein]. 


Creative Director, Babak Radboy
Fashion Director, Avena Gallagher
Design Director, Erin Knutson  
Managing Editor, Candice Strongwater
Designers, Aimee Bowen, Junlu Xie
Producer, Spencer Morgan Taylor @ Harbinger Creative
Additional Production, Kate Hawkins @ Andorforever
Sets, Amy Henry
Product Management, Don Hearn
Accounting, Tim Smith
Miguel Adrover
Burke Battelle
Alissa Bennett
Asger Carlsen
Vincent Dilio 
Anders Edström
Hedi El Kholti
Roe Ethridge
Jason Farrer
Jamil GS
Andy Harman
Steven Klein
Marcelo Krasilcic
Chris Kraus
Rob Kulisek
Mathieu Malouf
Wolfe Margolies 
Sacha Maric
Paul McGinnis
Bjarne Melgaard
Jason Nocito
Heji Shin
Akeem Smith
Brendan Stumpf