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Bury Me With The Lo On

The Gift Shop is proud to announce a collaboration with New York-based photographer/director Tom Gould and Lo Life founder/rapper Thirstin Howl III for the release of Bury Me With the Lo On, a publication chronicling how a group of Brooklyn kids from the 1980s known as the “Lo-Lifes” went on to influence mainstream rap stars, kickstarting a movement of Polo boosters and collectors from all over the globe.

The Gift Shop will produce a limited edition box set of the book (published by Victory Editions) and host a panel discussion that explores the impact and significance of the movement. In addition to the book release, various merchandise, limited edition prints and objects will be available both online and in store. Thirstin Howl the Third will also display a collection of limited edition objects and ephemera from his personal collection within The Gift Shop, replete with audio tour.

July 8th – 10th
12-7pm Daily

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